Javne Nabavke DZ Inđija

portal Doma zdravlja Inđija posvećen Javnim Nabavkama


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  1. The very heart of your writing while appearing agreeable initially, did not settle very well with me personally after some time. Someplace throughout the paragraphs you managed to make me a believer unfortunately just for a short while. I nevertheless have a problem with your leaps in assumptions and you might do well to fill in those breaks. When you actually can accomplish that, I could certainly end up being impressed.

    1. Anonyymi:Mulla ei ole ollut mikroa kuuteen vuoteen. Käytän sitä satunnaisesti töissä, mutta muuten vältän, tai siis en vaan tarvitse sellaista mihinkään! Mikron terveysvaikutuksista on ollut jonkun verran juttua, mutta en ole varma onko Kempparissa ollut.. Pitääkin blogata!Mutta siis jos et omista mikroa, hyvä niin!

    2. The fountain at Casserta is indeed an amazing sight, and, the palace is very close to the train station. I have visited it several times on my way from Naples to Puglia. I make a connection at Caserta with a few hours between the two trains and can easily walk to the castle. There is also a baggage check at the castle, but not at the train station.

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    5. This Supreme Court (the “Roberts Court” which Roberts himself once speculated would be known historically on a par with the “Marshall Court”) should instead be known to history as the “Treason Court” since it has now done what Marshall himself called “… treason to the Constitution …” in Cohens v. Virginia in 1821,

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    7. ·Count me in to the growing group looking forward to the T&S eBook. My lens portfolio was just altered by the sale of a 500mm and the acquisition of Nikon’s PC-E 24mm f/3.5. It arrived yesterday and I’m heading to the east side of the Sierra Nevada Range to test it out.

    8. Siganus Sutor : « Seriez-vous sous la coupe d’un quelconque surmoi anticlérical vous empêchant de lire — ou d’écrire — correctement le nom de la revue en question ? »LOL… Loin de ça… quand j’étais étudiant en informatique au Cégep, j’avais voulu commencer un journal étudiant à ce titre-là. Depuis ce temps là je déforme le titre original inconsciemment. Merci de m’avoir souligné ma faute.

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    10. bobjack dit :« Trotsky, Lénine… toute cette gang-là parlait du capitalisme d’État comme étape obligée avant l’instauration du communisme. Ils enseignent ça en première année au BAC. »En gros c’est comme enseigner la phrénologie en médecine, le créationisme en biologie, le géocentrisme en astronomie. Formation d’idiots en cours, ne pas déranger.

    11. mit dem Stamm ist wirklich nicht schwer. Du suchst Dir einen schönen Stock, klemmst Dir das Bäumchen zwischen die Knie und steckst nun den Stock in die Wendeöffnung. Die Öffnung mit ein paar Stichen so zunähen, dass der Stock gut darin sitzt. Probier es einfach…ist ja auch nur ein Dekostück, damit wird ja nicht großartig herum gespielt. Trau Dich…Liebe GrüßeDiana

    12. Well all natural doesnt mean awsome. I bought it, used it and hate it. It makes youre pores look bigger and does not look natural when it dries on your face. I was very disapointed because I spent a lot of money buying a lot of their products. Not a single one looks or feels better than WalMart make up.

    13. "..even if, unlike Richard's point again, helmets positively saved lives, being a free adult must include the freedom to die stupidly."ROFL. Live "free" and die. Motorcycle helmet laws equate to life in a gulag (even though you would all wear them regardless). You guys are weird.

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    16. Only shotgun Murder I've had was a .410 deer slug.Maybe if you just stuffed your Taurus Judge with deer slugs, but then there's that embarrassment factor when all the other kids in the cell block learn what you did.And I mean embarrassment over having a Taurus, not the shooting.Shootin' Buddy

    17. *smiles* very well written 🙂 i don’t even want to consider where i’d be if i wasn’t willing to explore and try new things..probably living a boring life with a boring job and boring friends lolkittenpup’s recent blog post..new page and one updated

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    20. oui, cette phrase en gras fait partie de ma conférence « victime moi? jamais! » que tu as pu entendre pêtre à mon émission de radio!c’est ce que je disais toujours aux hôtesses d’accueil que je formais et qui me listaient tout ce qu’elles ne pouvaient pas faire…bises

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    25. Heidi,Wonderful outfits. I especially love this last one, definitely a piece I would have bought as well. I know what you mean when you state how one new piece can bring together a lot of other pieces into a whole outfit. It seems as if they were waiting for eachother. Congratulations on this wonderful survey of your style.Joy

    26. There you are wrong. You don’t always need a leader to lead from the front. There are times he leads from the rear, like a shepherd leads his flocks from the rear. You are an adult. Try to push or propose at least one bill at the National Assembly. Don’t always wait for the President, as we are all in it together.

    27. Have they tried beating everybody else on price yet? There's a gimmick that might actually work.Every time they whip up some blog press I check them out and compare to other vendors only to be disappointed. Actually I think I might have ONCE found them cheaper on 7.62x39mm.

    28. Valentine's weekend at Loon Lake sounds like the perfect way to reflect and celebrate! Love the idea of adding raisins and pine nuts to meatballs. Happy Valentine's to you and yours. Blessings, TannaPS the qualities of Molly's writing are the ones I admire in yours.

    29. alo berok mat yeh,sape yg harus bertaubat.yg mengatakan umno yahudi tu sape.yg kata tuhan mencarut sape dan yg mengatakan tuhan dah maafkan dgn tanpa dibicarakan dulu sape.dan byk lg.utk pengetahuan mu berok aku pernah dikapirkan olih darah daging aku sendiri bukan takat itu jer berok darah daging aku ni halal dimakan.sampai tahap tu x korang punya gila.memang korang pukimak dan haramjadah.

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    31. Jeg er enig Julie: Det er IKKE et Ingrid Marie.Jeg har samme træ, og alle, som smager det, er vilde med æblet.Træet stod her, da vi flyttede ind, og jeg aner heller ikke, hvad det hedder, så jeg blev glad, da jeg så dit indlæg, fordi jeg troede, at du havde svaret.Ingrid marie bliver mere melet end dette.

    32. Taking into account the fact that letters were inspired by God through the Holy Spirit (I Tim 3:16), I definitely think Paul was aware that his words would have an impact on people for many years. If God told me to write something, I would think it was pretty important enough that it would be around for awhile.

    33. yep, the problem with taxis in Cairo is that if you look unprepared they will try and charge you a crazy price! So u have to look confident and it won’t happen. Anyway it’s a fun experience and I love riding taxis even just to look outside of the window to see the city :)That pic is sooo old, it was in 2009, just arrived to Cairo :)giuliadventures recently posted..

    34. lol Now Chelsea?….I really Appreciate Hon and that You can Clearly see what I was trying to Relay here…I Never Take things at Face Value….And If I say anything, I will do two things!..SPEAK MY MIND!! & WHAT I SAY WILL BE ORIGINAL!!…For if one does things that way…I Believe whomever reads what you say CAN UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU ARE COMING FROM A LITTLE BETTER…lol…Besides its just my thoughts and the way I feel….I I Have A Brain & I Am Going To Let You Know IT!!!…lol….be good!

    35. Marc, tu es un roi!! Roi de la piste, roi du bar, roi du blog!! Vivement que ton avion se pose à Melbourne, que tu prennes une XXXX, et que tu t’enfiles dans un internet-café afin de nous raconter comment cela se passe là-bas!Et surtout: cmon rodj!!!!!!!!!

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    38. No matter what category of passports it applies to, it is a ridiculous measure. People pay to obtain passports. They’re personal identity documents and should be kept by the people they have been issued to. The CPC seems to get more draconian by the day.

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    43. Her var det veldig masse fint! Det er nÃ¥ bare utrolig kjekt Ã¥ innrede barnerom da 🙂 Jeg liker sÃ¥ godt kjøkkenstolene dine fra tante bruun! Kan jeg spørre hva du betalte for de? Bor ikke sÃ¥ langt unna Ã…lesund selv, sÃ¥ det spørst om jeg mÃ¥ ta turen for Ã¥ se pÃ¥ de 🙂 Ha en fortsatt fin tirsdag! Klem Hilde

    44. Pour ce qui est du point 1 et 5….Ca c’est assez ….isolés quand meme pas la norme des femmes qui se saoulent et qui font des crises en public ! C’est pas un truc féminin etk pas au meme point de bouder ou tester vos pouvoir de devin

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    47. im so sorry it didnt all work out like you planned. now you know what to expect and can plan accordingly. i love everything about socal: location and weather… thats what we pay for. but price of living is part of what chased me out and to texas. i see your drive and know how bad you want to make this happen. you are young and have time on your side. you can do this! i believe in you and your dream! xoxox lily bean

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    50. I get what you’re saying, but your analogy needs some editing. Replace “70″ with “75″, “80″, or “85″. Plenty of places you can legally go 75MPH on public roads in this country. Apparently, there are now some roads in TX posted at 85MPH.And we’re not even considering driving on private property, where you can legally drive as fast as you please.

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  3. Hi Ralph,You’ve just given me enough thoughts for a whole other blog post. Not sure if the web is ready for El’s quick guide to Wales but I’ll give it some thought How do I describe a Welsh cake?! It’s got self-raising flour, an egg, a little milk, sugar and currants. So imagine all those as a stiff dough. They’re then rolled out and and cut with a biscuit cutter.Just asked my dad to describe them and he suggested I air mail you one!

  4. Slash visar helt enkelt att han tycker om dej. Det är som Baloo, som slickar oss jämt och samt. Jag kallar det för att han pussas.Sv: Det var helt enkelt en underbar dag igår. I natt var jag sömnlös ett tag och låg då bara och tänkte på dagen som gått och så roligt och trevligt vi hade haft.Kram/Gilla

  5. I think you’re being a little insensitive to the tourist Island of Bali whose tourist industry has just taken another whack after some suicide bombers blew up a bunch of people again. Yes, it looks like Hitchens mistakenly refers to ‘Indonesia’ instead of ‘Bali’ in one sentence in this article. However I’m not sure this sort of pedantry really aids any point you are trying to make.

  6. Lidlissä tulee käytyä nykyään äärimmäisen harvoin, kun ei ole yhtään Lidliä automaattisesti kulkureittien varrella, mutta ehkä kannattaisi tarkoituksella pyörähtää katsomassa. Kiitos vinkistä!Ja hei Tiia, minä kerron kyllä viimeistään ensi viikon puolella, että mitkä iskee minulla makuhermoon.

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  14. Hi Dana – Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Great to hear from you. Yes, time and again I have found that when we’re able to free our minds from “the way things should be” and be instead with what is, that creativity and possibilities arise virtually automatically. The challenge is to remember to stay in the moment!

  15. Solexine dit :C’est sûr, va falloir que tu lui serres un peu la vis à Cyclamen, parce que, méfies toi, si ça se trouve, elle va lire La Page à Brian sur Fesses-Bouc, en loucedé quand tout le monde dort… et là, comment dire, on né pas randu non plu niveau ortaugraffe… mais bon, t’inquiètes, j’suis sûre qu’elle héritera de ton humour au moins…wesh !!

  16. What a wonderful quote! I like it very much because it’s so true…I definitely believe I became ill because I wasn’t following my heart..a part of that healing has been through writing and I am very blessed to have had my poetry published…not something I had thought about at the time. Thank you ever so much, Amanda!

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